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Examination Of Technical Documentation

vf, Ph.D. Examination of technical documentation in the article discussed the organization of work for the examination of technical documentation in accordance with a license to conduct rtn examination of design, engineering and technological documentation, as well as documents justifying nuclear and radiation safety in accordance with the requirements of the RD-03-13-99. Key provisions of […]

Interventional Radiology

As? so bad and inept can be? – screaming – Two outraged doctors Mexican, – friends of Karin – good added already quiet! to that choir, we must reassure us all what to do – I told them – we’re going to do a BIOPSY in a few minutes, you have to follow in fast! […]

Irrigated Project

In such a way, agriculture if constitutes in a way for the ambient modifications, influencing directly in the process of use and occupation of the ground and also in the conditions of life of the underlying communities to the agricultural areas, a time that this is in fact the source of social subsistence. The Mapping […]

Bait Cast

As not everyone knows, there are different modes or techniques when it comes to sport fishing. The intent of this article is to describe them briefly so that those persons who so wish, may be made to the theme. In this first installment will talk about two of them: Bait Cast and hell Bait Cast […]

Installation Soft Tile

Soft tile, popular in recent years in construction, can be used not for all the housetops, and in those where the minimum slope is 11 degrees. But at the same time, precisely because of its flexibility, the soft tile used in the the most complex designs of roofs. In fact, the soft tile – is […]

Technology And Competitiveness

Success is often achieved by those who do not know that failure is inevitable. Gabrielle Coco Chanel a economic openings have emerged on the basis of the need to give way to marketing, trade in products which benefit the countries involved. Of course, to do, have developed a technology that has generated products and services […]

The Competition

AKP – is when you are sitting at the next meeting with the head and try to digest the release of information, while struggling with himself, because you have long since turned self-protection is the braking system of the psyche of the external loads moderately limitless, and the chief judge of the competition, usually loves […]

Criticizes Evaluation

Summary criticizes of the text Criticizes the evaluation (Peter Demon) the critical text the evaluation, as a whole, where the appraiser (the professor), does not like to be evaluated. in its condition of appraiser already does not evaluate the pupil and on the other hand it is not evaluated. The MEC provides to avaliativas proposals […]