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European Russia

In result by 2015 in the country, they can grow more than fourfold. Since the share of gas in the fuel balance of the Russian energy sector is 68% and 40% of all electricity produced by gas, the impact of rising gas prices power market will be very important. Now electricity is very cheap in […]


Rabaglio (2001) valley to stand out that the ability if constructs with the interaction of these characteristics. It does not advance to only have knowledge without ability, thus does not advance to have abilities without having an adequate behavior. When looking for to know what it is pedagogical ability, Almeida (2010) comments that the methodology […]

Professional Development

It will regulate the processes of recruitment and selection of candidates, as well as the requirements necessary so that the aspirings get up themselves to the system of the professional service of race; Subsystem of Professional Development. It will contain the processes for the determination of individualized plans of race of the servants public, to […]

Photovoltaic Solar Energy

The photovoltaic solar energy is the main variety of the system used to generate usable solar energy. Understand the basic system is becoming a source of alternative energy converted into a component common and necessary in everyday life. Implement the use of photovoltaic solar energy in human society is an important part of the strategies […]