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Strategic Research Center

New technologies and the continuous increase in users accessing daily to the Internet has led to a growing number of companies have extended their business to the online world. Since its inception, e-commerce has been gaining ground in the life of consumers and it is estimated that, according to the study the electronic commerce in […]


Award ceremony in the framework of the women & work pays tribute to five excellent companies Robert Bosch, ERGO, Stadtwerke among Bielefeld, St. Gereon senior services and the Berlin City cleaning the lucky winners that have been awarded from a variety of exciting applications on Saturday evening in the Chamber of the World Conference Center […]

Lottery Strategies

The truth is that the options of winning the lottery, especially the jackpot, are quite few. For example, the real option of winning the big Mega Millions prize is 1 between 175,711,536! Many people choose numbers at random, perhaps by choosing those who have in mind or use number offered with each Lottery where computers […]

James Webb

That means that we will have twenty-five times more light and five times more than detail that we can get with current telescopes, highlights Henry Boffin. But one of their main advances will be the incorporation in the own E-ELT of adaptive optics, which in most telescopes applies only in annexes instruments, those that allow […]