Acne Form

Acne produced marked inflammation of surrounding tissues. Well-known acne in one form or another, observed in 60 80protsentov people between the ages of twelve and 24. More than one-third of cases require a serious, sometimes long treatment. To broaden your perception, visit Adroll Marketing Platform. According to 80% of girls and boys: acne – the most unattractive in a man. The presence of acne on the body lowers self-esteem, cause depression, anxiety, feeling of deformity (often imaginary). Acne sufferers quite difficult to adapt to society, among them many of the lonely and neemeyuschih people work. Acne – a phenomenon which is not unique to the period of adolescence.

Acne can also appear in other age groups – usually on the small (the size of a pinhead or a grain of millet) white nodules in the form of points. Adroll shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. These eels can be located on one or clustered on the face, sometimes on the eyelids and cheeks in the area of bone. Acne-blackheads (black points) – there are chronic inflammatory disease of the sebaceous glands. Appears on the skin face, chest and back. There is, in most cases, in adolescence (acne vulgaris), are associated with changes in the body during sexual maturation. The appearance of acne can also be caused by abuse of certain foods and non-compliance of cosmetic skin care. Pustular acne – it’s painful nodules with pus head. These acne have a rich red color.

Abscess another name inflammatory acne – can be profound and superficial. I kind of inflammatory acne only covers the excretory duct of the sebaceous gland, II form – affects all greasy gland. Conglobata also spherical, piled up acne – a severe form of acne which is caused by staphylococcus streptotsitovymi. The most common in males. Appears on the lateral surface of the cheeks, chest, back and neck is lowered immunity. Painful knots fester and pus discharge after healing scar. Acne medications – are formed because of insufficient tolerability certain drug (For example, preparations containing iodine). Such acne cause itching, burning and rashes appear as small spots, pustules, nodules, with a bright red color. Professional acne – appear in workers exposed to dust, coal, lubricants, various chemical emulsions, etc. Distinguish 4 types of acne severity: 1st – acne affected mainly the forehead, chin and nose (the T-zone), observed the presence of mostly open comedones and small portion of the closed comedo. II – there are isolated pustules (abscesses), and papules. Acne and located outside the T-zone. III – acne plagued virtually all of the face, the rash goes on back and chest. Fourth – is often fraught with scarring. It is noted for deep, painful inflammatory merging entities called cystic. In the first and second degrees of severity of acne enough diet and local treatment means of cosmetics. In the third and IV – need advice dermatologist and the use of antibiotics.