Artist Anja Bottger

Design and software form new Web site of Dresden, the 13 March 2013 a digital catalogue and a Web page are the keys to the visibility on the net. The Leipzig artist Anja Bottger (former protegee Prof. Lutz Dammbeck, project media class, HfBK Dresden) commissioned the Dresdner Mediendienstleister Haase & Martin with the conception, design and implementation of their website ( Schaubuhne Lindenfels Leipzig her website in new design and Web concept appears just in time for the publication of your new order work of an artistic poster design for the theatre production of the players”. The design of the site puts the works in the Centre of the consideration and acts as a silent part.

The design decorated in white and light grey with a few black typographic accents and minimal outline elements convinces her maximum restraint. The works of art emerge as in an exhibition against white walls. The list of works contained in the website is fundamental to the classification of Anja Bottgers work. Only with the overview work cycles, thematic and formal constants, and developments in the work of the young Leipzig artist opens. In addition to the archival character of the Catalogue Raisonne, the digital catalogue provides easy access for collectors, galleries, curators, and art enthusiasts. The catalogue is divided into the groups of works installation/audio, drawing/graphics, painting, photography, sculpture, ceramic, presentation/performance and commissioned work. In addition to the photographic reproduction of Visual aspects of the work, factual information such as title, material and year are specified.

The inclusion of audio projects and the newly created YouTube channel of the artist complete their online presence. Contact underneath online-marketing_webdesign.php learn more about the Web design: Haase & Martin GmbH Matthias Haase, Alexander Martin Moritzburger str. 27 01127 Dresden Tel.: 0351 500 97 21 E-Mail: website: about Haase & Martin GmbH: the digital media are In the focus of activity. With technical know-how and competence in design and media design, Haase & Martin GmbH develops integrated projects and innovative products for the B2B sector. The portfolio includes iOS apps, Android apps, including Web design, graphical user interface (GUI) for information terminals, kiosk systems, classical and mobile sites, as well as solutions for mobile communication.