Biologically Active Food Supplements

Supplements – a food intended for adjusting the diet, providing vital body substances (amino acids, fatty acids, vitamins, macro-and micronutrients). In Nowadays it is difficult, almost impossible to get everything you need from food. The fact that the energy consumption of modern man, on average 2400 calories a day. A hundred years ago, a man devoid of modern technology accomplishments, spent about 5,000 calories. Expend more energy people consume more of, respectively, eating, passing through a larger number of nutrients. We spend less energy, less eating, and accordingly, does not receive the items you want. For residents of Siberia deficiency of vital substances is about 40%, and for the inhabitants of the Arctic – 90%! In such conditions, the body, so to speak, decides: "To survive, I will sacrifice part functions. " And then people wonder: "What I've got the immune system does not work" – and begin treatment.

At the same reason – lack of vital substances – not eliminated. It turns out that dietary supplements are not just useful, they practically necessary. In the area of dietary supplements, there are many violations of the laws governing their production and sale. Supplements company VISION have sanitary-epidemic certificate issued Rospotrebnadzor. The use of dietary supplements helps VISION: – improving the well-being – improved mood – raise the tone of the body – improving mental and physical performance – increased resistance to psycho-emotional overload and stress – increased resistance to infectious diseases and colds – rejuvenation of the body and prolong life – reduction in the frequency of exacerbations and relapses of chronic disease – to improve the general state at various chronic diseases. What properties should have BAD: – naturalness – balance – complexity – unique formula – advanced technology – quality – efficiency, safety and compliance official regulations.