Center Tile

Apply the required dimensions on the tiles. If you want to cut a small piece, we recommend using kafelerezku. Pliers nadlomayte notched piece, then treat the edge with sandpaper or a bar. Before you glue, try a piece. Begin to apply the sealant to the farthest corner of the door. Where possible, not applied to the surface a lot of sealant. To dry it is better not to walk on the lined the floor.

Laying tiles on the floor tiling Most first veneer floors, and then the walls, but it happens and vice versa. In the first variant with cladding tiles directly pressed against the tile. In the second version of the bottom row of tiles bonded to a certain distance from the floor, so that could then put a layer of cement grout and floor tile. On the floor in our case, laid tile size 20×20 cm, color is combined with a wall, it's much efektnee than the restoration of the parquet. All work must begin with the installation of special decorative equipment – our case is a mirror. Walls are rarely strictly vertical, so be sure to use a plumb and level. Then decide where to house the mirror and move it to the size of a wall with a gap of 1-2 mm. Do this especially neat if you stick the tiles on the quick-drying glue. Minor errors (cuts tiles) is quite acceptable, because under the sink, they are unlikely to be noticeable. However, if you prefer to do everything on science, put all the tiles, except those that would have cut off, and then defining the center of a decorative object on the opposite side of the tile, apply a line-cuts.