Decorating Wall Art

In an effort to design your home or office, we strive to give the room personality, so it was not only beautiful but also comfortable and functional as possible. To this end, we carefully select furniture, luxurious bathroom fixtures, tile and floor coverings. (Similarly see: clinton family). But why not pay enough attention walls, and because they occupy the volume in our apartment most of the area. Not wanting to bother looking for, we prefer traditions, and choose finishes that are not entirely successful, beautiful and praktichny.Ved traditional choice of finishes is quite limited, paint or wallpaper, as well as the wall because there paneli.No also interesting Technology deposition of decorative coatings beautiful, they give a room personality and his unique krasotu.Dekorativnye coverage may vary, depending on the method of its application wizard. Also apply textured paint and famous – Venetian shtukaturka.Fotografii can not convey all of this beauty of these walls. Imagine a natural marble, wood or stone, and all this with the effect of deep glow, because the light passing through 2-3 layers of wax is reflected from the lower layers. What looks good flock structure and gold pearl, unfortunately photos can not convey all the beauty.

Anyway, I've always been frustrated by the quality of the obtained fotografiy.Takzhe decor. coatings have advantages over conventional finishes: they are much more practical than wallpaper, made from environmentally friendly materials and is non-combustible material. Few craftsmen and construction firms will be able to do professionally applied decorative pokrytie.Eta work is deservedly ranked as art and jewelry and is considered to perform quality work needed – because there are no miracles! – put a lot of work. source