Electric Shock Treatment

It is used widely for cancer prevention and even treatment in combination with other anticancer drugs, it costs money – can guess how much. The activated electric shock, water used to clean and heal festering wounds, venous ulcers, respiratory diseases, cardiovascular, musculoskeletal system, skin diseases, urological, gynecology. Click Peter Thiel to learn more. The spectrum is wide, there is a positive experience in the rehabilitation of HIV (AIDS). However, there is a valid question, but why, exactly, in this case it did not popularize science? Why activator produced single companies discredit quiet glanders process technology, they say, 220 volts, "No way", and a transformer with 70 volts we are allowed to let, say, a customer pushed around in anticipation of unfinished living water, you look back and go to pharmacy. The fact that the 70 volt water barely alive, few people are interested.

This is similar to the way manufacturers produce banal air purifiers. At this writing still in the instructions, they say, they ionize the air with negative air ions, Chizhevsky them there, and wrestlers with pseudoscience hands to reach them, and then showed them how to ionize the air with negative air ions. Nothing they do not ionize, so as not to fall short kilovoltazhu which should produced, and those that are produced do not live up to the newborn period of his life. Instead of 25 thousand volts, ionizers give 5-10 thousand, that is enough to trigger the effect of ion wind, which is used for deposition dust, well, even so. The fact is that if one third of the population will use in the economy and for its recovery water-activated, for example, for the deoxidation of the soil, treatment of diseases of crops by improving their growth with increasing yield and long-term storage, cleaning and domestic farm animals, it means you need to convert or to stop one third of plants in each country, fired hundreds of thousands of workers.