Energy And Modernization Campaign 2010 / 2011 In The Hamburg Districts

Make your home fit for the future! Hamburg, September 24, 2010 from October 2010 to April 2011 hosted the ZEBAU GmbH in cooperation with the authority for urban development and environment under the motto modernize and save energy – make your home fit for the future! the energy and modernization campaign 2010 / 2011 in the districts of Hamburg. Energy saving is an important issue for residential and home owners, property managers, and future builders within your own four walls. The knowledge of the potential savings and the implementation of concrete measures of modernization through the targeted use of innovative products and renewable energy is the key to energy-efficient living. Therefore, not only the lower heating and energy costs play a role, but also the comfort by well-tempered spaces and fresh air. “With the energy and modernization campaign 2010 / 2011 will save the issue of modernisation and energy this winter” capitalized in the districts of Hamburg. The campaign answered home and property owners Questions that arise prior to the modernization of their building.

It shows examples upgrades energy efficient and information about eligibility requirements, innovation of construction technology, heating technology and product applications. To kick off the campaign the authority for urban development and environment is on October 25, 2010 in the district centre on the IBA DOCK. Seven more information evenings are organized in the districts Altona, Bergedorf, Hamburg-Nord, Harburg, Eimsbuttel, successively Wandsbek and Hamburg-Mitte. The series of events promises homeowners, future builders, home owner associations, housing cooperatives and the interested public extensive information in theory and practice. Topics of information evenings are both the individual modernisation measures such as the renewal of the old heating technology, enhancing the building envelope insulation measures and the use of renewable energies, as also financing and funding opportunities. A practical accompanied every evening Energy saving exhibition. This gives an overview of the products and services of the partners of the campaign. Informs for example about insulation products, heating systems, heat pumps and photovoltaics.

On-site can consult also the visitors to the products and the funding and financing concepts. Following on the information evenings the ZEBAU GmbH in every district of Hamburg offers three free afternoons of consulting, where homeowners can ask for financial support, home automation, energy standard and energy performance certificate. There are already the first individual advice in October 2010. The website for the campaign,, facilitates informed both the briefings and advisory services as also applying to these. The Web site informed the partners of the campaign and issues such as quality assurance, best practice, modernisation and funding opportunities. Both the briefings and consultation evenings as also an Infotelephone furnished by ZEBAU GmbH are free of charge for all citizens. Only registration on the flyer of the event, the campaign Web page or email is required. 0 press contact for more information see or 040 / 380 384: ZEBAU GmbH Centre for energy, building, architecture and environment Julia Griehl wide Elbe River Road 146 22767 Hamburg T: 040 380 384-24 F: 040 380 384-29 ZEBAU GmbH business cooperation and coordination: we offer the provision of innovative technologies and funding and initiate national and international cooperation for the promotion of energy saving and energy efficiency and the use of renewable energies in renovation and new construction. Project development and project management: We offer holistic solutions for eco innovative construction methods, which are economically to realize and satisfy a claim on quality of architecture. Reports and certifications: We accompany projects in all