Sitting front of my coffee, at this height already nor as smoky and so fragrant, I feel the helplessness of knowing that at this hour in many places, many people are still constantly performing tasks are those that produce damage, and they are not aware or do not take weight of the consequences of their actions, or blinded by greed for power and money go ahead regardless of that. Now, everyone can do something to care for the planet. And I believe that information and education can help that each and every one of us can carry out actions to protect the environment directly and indirectly. We must first and foremost form friendly habits with our surroundings and nature. With simple actions we will feel that we are working and we are really taking care of our planet. It is impossible to over night to make significant changes, however always to achieve something you must be a first step.

Is a way to feel that one is collaborating with small gestures that although they may appear insignificant importance is practiced in time and by more and more people. If we all realize how important that is aware of the issue at the individual level, we will begin to win to corporations and Governments. I personally am grateful that there are people and organizations stubbornly fighting to be heard.I hope that in the future you can count to my grandchildren that I lived the stage of great change, which I saw as I began to respect our planet and that went a tiny bit that made theirs also.I hope to be able to talk to them in past theme of pollution, which then are made very isolated and punished.I hope to be able to sit in this same Gallery to enjoy with them this same Crystal air, the wonderful sky and the same aromas I feel at this moment, while we enjoy a steamy and fragrant Cup of coffee.