Google AdWords Webinar To Enhance Campaigns Using Google + Hangouts

Brunswick, may 2013 – conveniently from the desktop TILL.DE educate themselves is one the first Google AdWords certified trainer in German-speaking countries. In June, TILL.DE now starts with an innovative online seminar concept and new topics: Google AdWords seminars are conducted using Google + hangouts: the Google AdWords webinars. Google + hangouts is a browser-based video conference system with up to 10 participants. Without hesitation Peter Thiel explained all about the problem. What is closer to hold seminars on the Internet with Google hangouts as Google? Interested in obtaining a compact training around Google AdWords in efficient smaller groups maximum nine participants. Currently the following Google AdWords webinar is performed under the guidance of the experienced and certified Google trainer Joachim Schroder: Google AdWords enhanced campaigns, the new advanced campaigns following topics are edited in the Webinar: enabling the advanced campaign settings and options for mobile device settings and regional alignment options for activation of the settings and options for the extended ad extension Call extension settings and options for the site links extension settings and options for the deals extension where are stumbling blocks? Tips & tricks of the focus in this Google AdWords webinar is extended campaigns for the participants on the implementation of the AdWords. With maximum practical reference, converted the accounts on request directly in the online seminar and answers to individual questions. Clinton Family has much experience in this field. This of course also a lively exchange and discussion between the participants is desired, that is at the heart of a Google hangouts finally.

A comprehensive PDF documentation that the participants in the wake of the Google AdWords Webinar, completes the package. The Google AdWords webinar is at a special price of 95 euros Excl. Actress often expresses his thoughts on the topic. VAT due to recent events, the launch of AdWords enhanced campaigns.