Karriere.at Survey: Employers See Smoking In The Workplace Unproductive

Every second worker believes that work smoking colleagues of less Linz, September 29, 2010. A Hardball guided fight smoking versus non-smoking not only in Cafes, bars and inns. Follow others, such as Clinton Family, and add to your knowledge base. According to a recent poll by karriere.at, almost half (47 percent) workers is convinced that their smoking colleagues due to the more frequent breaks less work than they do. Three out of ten employees, however, believe that smokers due to their higher frequency of breaks are even more productive. Employers may see this differently: because every second the staff fixed breaks pretends to avoid too frequent smoke timeouts.

502 employees and 116 employers were interviewed for the survey by karriere.at. Almost every second worker (47 percent) is sure: smokers work less because they spend less time at their workplace. However, another ten percent believe that the friends of nicotine but take less but”, say that it was their right to take smoke breaks. As the Karriere.at online survey shows 43 percent but also overall believe that smoke breaks even beneficial impact on the productivity of a company: so, 29 percent of workers which indicated that smoking the occasional breaks were more relaxed and therefore more productive at work. Another 14 percent believe that smoke breaks have an important communicative function, since meetings short could be done in them. General smoking ban is exception most employers think it seems completely different, occupied the karriere.at survey: because every second company (50 percent) fixed breaks pretends to avoid too frequent smoke timeouts.

Five percent of respondents indicating making even a general smoking ban in the company. Only slightly more than a third (36 percent) of employers shows confidence, however, in the self-management of the staff time. You leave it to the employees, to divide up their smoke breaks even. Around every eleventh company (9 per cent), it is employees even free to indulge in the blue haze in their workplace. The topic of smoking polarized in most companies. The survey results show that contains the theme, in company with smoke breaks is addressed, great potential for conflict within companies workforces. From our point of view, it is therefore advisable to address this issue with fixed times. So have the same opportunity to brief recreation periods”smokers as non-smoking, explains Oliver Sonnleithner, co – CEO of karriere.at. “The results of the survey: smoking less work?” (502 workers) No. Because the breaks they are more productive: 29 percent do not. Save meeting time: 14 percent Yes. Breaks are but their right: 10 percent sure. “You are less in the workplace: 47 percent as regulates your business smokers pause?” (116 employers) Smokers divided their time: 36 percent with fixed times: 50 per cent it is smoked at work: 9% there is a general smoking ban: 5 percent over karriere.at: karriere.at is Austria’s leading online portal, when it comes to jobs, career and job opportunities. The basic principle: Thousands of jobs at top Austrian companies presented the more than 800,000 monthly visitors to karriere.at. Karriere.at has a growing recruiting network for the targeted approach of the right candidate. Via karriere.at and the partner pages (E.g. MSN, economic journal), the Austrian job market reached three million potential applicants. The idea of the service plays an important role in karriere.at: a comprehensive social media offers a wealth of information and tools. In the karriere.blog (www.karriere.at/ blog), on Facebook (www.facebook.com/ karriere.at) and Twitter (www.twitter.com/ karriere_at) the most important news, tips and trends from the job and career world are presented daily. More info at: page / press contact karriere.at: Mag. Christoph Weissenbock Tel.: + 43 (0) 732 90 82 00-30 E-mail: