La Paz Goldberg

The embassy of the USA in La Paz before called to avoid that Evo is president. Today it has been called on him to be the one who orders the expulsion of North American ambassador Goldberg, to who accuses to want to divide to him to Bolivia as before he separated Kosovo of Serbia. The relations between Morales and Bush never were good. On the one hand, the USA went questioning the government to have allowed who the coca growers throw to USAID of Chapare and that a march almost takes its embassy in La Paz. On the other hand, Morals criticism to Goldberg to meet with autonomous regionalists, who this week have produced shocks that have left some deads and the destruction of a pipeline that she generates more than $100 million in losses.

Today the opposition cannot remove to the president without untying a slaughter. Evo comes to surpass 67% of the votes in referendo of the 10 of August. With this expulsion he tries to consolidate becoming the leader of the national unit and independence and to isolate to those who he syndicates like digitated extremist separatists from the outside. Original author and source of article.