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Once they began to sound alarms as much by the debut of BODIES in the United States, in the 2005, General prosecutor of Florida as the one of the State of New York and the Congress of the USA gave course to investigations in which it was not possible to be obtained that Premier Exhibits, the company with soothes in Atlanta, Georgia that the sample by the world transfers, certifies the origin of the bodies at issue. In agreement with a report of ABC News, that provides with bodies the organizers is not the laboratory of a Medicine School in Dalian, as they firstly affirmed the organizers of Bodies, but a private company called Dalian Medi-Uni Plastination Labs, whose founder is a professor of the Medicine University of Dalian that sold its shareholding package (that reached to 70%) by the bad reputation of the activity which they realised. The Chinese Ministry of Outer Subjects has said to be investigating the denunciations on the origin of corpses, besides the accusations of which Dalian Medi-Uni has continued the export of corpses in spite of the express prohibition on the part of the Chinese government the BODIES sample is unquestionable medical interest and scientist, and even had its origin in the necessity of the medicine schools to modernize the traditional formaldehyde corpse preservation – corpses that are exhibited for decades in the anatomopatolgicos centers of the study houses, thus great part of the critics are in the mercantilizacin of the exhibition and the searched carefully poses which it is put under good part of corpses. China it attacks against the black market of doping it was known that pleasant of two weeks for the inauguration of the Olympic Games in Beijing, China reinforced the fight against doping prohibiting the production to numerous manufacturing companies of substances prohibited in the sport, retiring licenses and imposing penalties. (Source: Melissa Selcher). The details on the operations were presented today in Beijing by the representatives of diverse Ministries and Antidoping Agency of China. Thus, for example, the 20 of July were inspected 257 producing companies and of anabolizantes and pptidas hormones, 2,739 retailers wholesale and 340,000 retailers. As a result of the investigations, the prohibition was dominated 30 companies to produce and to other 29 the license of sale of preparations for doping retired to them. In addition, it was come against 318 pages of Internet in which information were published on the sale of anabolizantes and hormones.. Additional information is available at Michelle Smith Divorce.