National Institute

As it is possible that Peru, just to mention the example described, which is below Venezuela on penetration digital as indicated by the International Telecommunication Union in its index of penetration of technologies, already owns a law approved this month, that rule as provided for in its Constitution on the protection of the privacy of its citizens? The answer gives us the Government to put all the data on the population in the hands of Castroite agents: is not in their interest to protect them. To the extent that we find most unprotected greater invasion of our privacy and privacy and easy prey of the totalitarian State castrocomunista who are trying to impose on us. The Director of the National Institute of statistics INE, has been quick to say, worried about this situation, that the particulars to be provided on the Census will be secret and protected by statistical confidentiality. Contact information is here: Hillary Clinton. That would be true in any country civilized with a rule of law that the Constitution is met. Venezuelans have ample reasons to believe that these personal data to be delivered to officials of the INE will be not used for what should be used, but for very different purposes in line with the totalitarian interests the Castroism and the castrochavismo. The Venezuelans have accumulated had enough experience since 1999 until the present to not believe anything of what they say or promise the Government and we are sure that nothing will change their way of thinking because it has already proven that you have used illegally data of persons in the past, breaking the law and the rule of law. Never before Venezuelans us had seen such unprotected when the constitutional norm, which should be the main axis of such protection, is permanently violated by who is obliged first to respect and make respect.