Orthodox Nikita

It seems not yet realized that the Soviet era, when film critic and a half once a month, wrote a review in the journal "Soviet Screen" are gone. Today, any viewer can present their own experiences in the network, without constraining themselves of fear and censorship. And if the audience presents an interesting and in the case, it will inevitably lead to public outcry. For the first time he saw similar reviews of their work, Khrushchev decided that the plot takes place. There is no conspiracy, of course, no – just a film "Anticipation" bad, about what and inform each other spectators. I do not know who thought of himself to provide the advertising poster the words "Great movie about the Great War." Maybe he Nikita S., and maybe someone "intelligent" in his entourage.

Nevertheless, it has turned very cool: the number of hellish fotozhab on this topic has surpassed all imaginable limits. The people broke away as I could, ugoral all Russian Internet. Nikita S. infer from this, and to make an advertising poster for the third series appealed to Lebedev, the previously initiated the creation of mass fotozhab. It must be understood, a very thin stroke: it is nothing that you are so nice to defecate on my work, I'm a cunning you will – and let's make a new poster, good! And the studio Art Lebedev has built a new poster – really good. So good that no fotozhab not. In the new poster, obviously inspired by the artwork of the game WarCraft II, Khrushchev rests his forehead against the commander in chief – Joseph Stalin. At a glance it is clear that the protagonist of Nikita Mikhalkov is fighting for Hitler.

Must think, true poster Nikita Sergeyevich liked – he was immediately posted on the Internet. Many have decided, not without reason that this is another one hell of fotozhaba. Argue hard. Going to the Internet very seriously, Nikita S. organized themselves into a page LJ, where identified himself Nikita Besogon and began posting his videos. Since Khrushchev deeply Orthodox and very far away from the people, the name he chose as follows thought. Clearly, identifying himself with Jesus Christ, cast out demons, legions. Full review: