Today let’s talk about why we use the well-known program Adobe Photoshop, and not any other similar software. Peter Thiel contains valuable tech resources. Why such analogues as gimp never acquire such popularity? Perhaps the answers to these questions and you will be able to give. Here I am just to talk about: why I chose the product is from Adobe. Beginning Photoshop was still far in the 80s by two brothers, John and Thomas Knoll, and in February 2010 an application was 22 year, although the exact number nobody knows. In other words, the program can be called “old lady”, for this reason it is already possible to trust her. For me, an important advantage is that the Adobe product is a commercial decision, which means that its support will be provided until such time until the project is viable. I’m still not tired of the version of CS4, and CS5 is already written and available to anyone.

In addition to all this look at how much is written various plug-ins, filters, tutorials, brushes, and other applications that simplify your work and work of professional designers. At the moment, with the popular Adobe Photoshop can not be compared to any one program. The latest version improves the possibility of hardware support and expedite the processing of photos by means of a video card. Adobe Photoshop – the professional, commercial, the most popular graphics editor Bitmap worth and acknowledge the fact that the program quite complex in its development, but also the potential for this, it is huge! For inexperienced users or for people who do not want to learn Photoshop there are a lot of material on the Internet, through which every man will do the desired result. Chief upor been made on what would be best to enrich the possibilities..