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Currently, no one hits that many families have more than one car, two or three, there is a cottage with a swimming pool and house staff. It has become common to hire people for their homework and it is considered absolutely normal. Although sometimes it may be noted that it was difficult to "command" as domestic staff – it is not yet common in our country. But in the last century, numerous servants in the house was a matter entirely normal, but after the revolution of 1917 made drastic changes. Of course, domestic helpers (housekeepers, maids, nannies and maids) were still.

They were allowed to hire scientists, writers and poets, politicians and other people in senior positions. Just then and there universlnye helper around the house, which started to call the maid. Now everything is completely different and for example, help her mother, who had to work whole working day, have a nanny and women at home. Now the people who help run the household is in the houses of the "middle" class. The most common services of domestic staff in major cities such as Moscow or St. Petersburg.

As a rule, residents of large cities has worsened shortages and time nannies and housekeepers are compulsory accessory of modern life. And the question "where to hire domestic helpers "Worries many. You can ask for help from a friend or to advertise on "looking for a nanny" in the media, but such a search helpers will take a lot of time and effort, since the huge risk of running into fraudsters. Usually, the selection of assistants in the home through an agency on the selection of domestic staff, means that the potential candidates undergo a thorough check by a specially developed aptitude tests, taking With this in mind you can count on what you pick up a highly qualified staff.