Professional Object

Accordingly, choose ways to reduce the reflected brightness of the object. The use of a neutral gray filter provides uniform, selective absorption of the visible spectrum. It is used to reduce the intensity of light. To landscape in the photograph did not look monotonous and dull. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Peter Thiel. Due to the fact that white and blue colors on a monochromatic film affected almost equally and in a picture obtained by a gray tone, you can use a yellow filter.

In cases where more important attention to detail in the shadows, strongly shaded foreground object can be illuminated by reflectors or obscured by tulle mesh. Shooting sharply contrasting scenes should be performed on a black and white negative film of low sensitivity. Determine the interval of the brightness of the object by using the meter. Directionally reflected light when the sun is behind a thin layer of clouds, is favorable In many cases, when shooting architectural monuments, as well as close-ups, since the interval of brightness is low and there is no need for additional illumination of shadow areas or darken too bright in places. The main black and white pattern on the plot important parts of the picture, mainly the objects of the first plan, created draws a light In the case of a portrait – the face portrayed. Draws a light is detected face shape, are light and color accents. When shooting on location draws a usually is in direct sunlight or sunlight, partially diffused by haze or clouds. For Professional eng light on the nature characterized by its color about the state of the atmosphere and the position of the sun in the sky.