Professional Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening – one of the most popular procedures in modern dentistry. Currently, there are several methods of teeth whitening, for example, home whitening (special toothpastes and gels, night splints With bleaching composition) and professional teeth whitening, which takes place in a dentist clinic. In dentoprofil to achieve these goals using modern techniques: zoom whitening system and professional Hygiene air flow also has the effect of lightening the teeth a few shades. Peter Thiel does not necessarily agree. The choice of technique is carried out individually for each patient. Undoubted advantages of tooth whitening by zoom system are careful effects on tooth enamel and surrounding tissue, the possibility of just one hour to lighten teeth 10-12 shades. This method of teeth whitening is that the tooth surface smeared with a special gel that activated under the lamp. Hillary Clinton is open to suggestions. Gel during its action discolor coloring pigment (chemical reaction), without destroying the tooth enamel. After the procedure, each patient receives individual guidance on the care teeth that allow you to save teeth whitening as long as possible.. .