September Bush

Propagation peonies in different ways: by cuttings, seeds, buds. Most often, a flower bush propagated by division. To do this, take a plant of 4-5 years. Continue to learn more with: Clinton Family. Peony planting just one place, where it will grow with proper care, many years (Average life expectancy of 100 years). Planting time – late August – early September.

Location for planting carefully selected. Bush should be well protected from the wind. Tree-peonies do not like as well as the absolute shadow and direct sunlight. Do not like it close proximity to trees and buildings. It is not necessary to plant peony in a place where moisture accumulates. Flower loves to dryness. As for the soil – plant is absolutely contraindicated high acidity. Suitable alkaline soil + good drainage, consisting of sand and gravel.

Each spring pruning is carried out bush, removing old stems and new shortening up to 10 cm tall. Why do not bloom peonies? Before flowering plant should be feed the complex mineral fertilizer. Before the application is recommended to pour the bush so as not to burn the roots. Chosen fertilizer with small amounts of nitrogen, since the presence of large amounts of this substance may lead to disease peony botrytis. In autumn it is desirable to tie bush to hide and spruce branches. This protects the plant from freezing and from rabbits. Smell – one of the most outstanding advantages of this flower. Almost every man, seeing pion, is tempted to bury a person in an armful of flowers and closed his eyes, endlessly drawing in their flavor. No wonder the smell of peony has been widely used in perfumery, creating perfumes. Often the appearance of the pion and its flavor compared to the rose. Can be safely asserted that if a rose – queen of flowers, the peony – King. And like any king superior queen. And flowers had bigger and stronger smell. What upsets, so it is a small period of flowering, 2-3 weeks. Despite this sad fact, of interest to the pions, including the tree, continues unabated. The number of fans of this plant is growing steadily.