Seven Games Online

I separated to 7 games online of type MMO, also known as Massive Multiplayer Online Game, for vocs if to amuse a little without having that to spend a Real at least, except the one of the light account. I will cite some characteristics of this type of game for that they know not yet it. – System of level that they increase as the amount and the type of occured battles. – Possibility to save its progress and continues it in another hour. – Great amount of item to be acquired.

– Existence of store of devices, diverse clothes and other specific things. – System of ranking. – Customizao of the personage. – Financial System. – To know and to battle with people of diverse places of the world. Mu OnlineGnero: RPGDescrio: RPG 3D ambientalizado in a medieval atmosphere and with the possibility to use personages of diverse classrooms, such as Dark Knight, Dark Wizard, Elf, Magic Gladiator, Dark Lord and Summoner. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Gwyneth Paltrow. Moreover it counts on a great community in Brazil and a PC is not a requisite game of finishes generation. Platform: Official WindowsSite: nero: RPGDescrio: It is an old game, however still continues being one of the favourites person or thing of who plays for the Internet.

Knights, Sorcerer, Druids and Paladin are some of the basic vocations in the game. Platform: Windows and official LinuxSite: nero: RPGDescrio: Game very amused and that it mixes bidimensional graphs of the personages with the three-dimensional graphs of the scenes. It is possible to choose diverse classrooms for the personage, to learn diverse skills (abilities) and still to stop diverse battles with other players. Platform: Official WindowsSite: ChaseGnero: LutDescrio: Grand Chase is one of the few games of fight online, what it favors for its prominence. In the game it has diverse classrooms for the personages, missions to be fulfilled, diverse minigames and other things. Platform: Official WindowsSite: nero: RPGDescrio: This game if not to become you a specialist in making missions then it will leave one almost. Excellent graphs, diverse skills and much diversion are some marcantes points of Cabal.Plataforma: WindowsSite officer: DuelGnero: Shot in 3 pessoDescrio: As in any game of shot, The Duel counts on much action and diversion. Also it has a system of level for its personage, fellow creature to the ones of RPG. The only problem of it is the lack of time to drink water. Platform: Official WindowsSite: nero: RPGDescrio: With certainty what it is marcante in this game is its beautiful graphs, all in the style liven up and 2D. It was made using Flash, what it finishes becoming it compatible with any system capable to twirl archives flash. Platform: Windows, Linux and official MacSite: