Stationary Hardness Tester

E-modulus after Scott the Ludwig Nano Precision GmbH on real parts – E.g. O-rings has a micro hardness tester developed, which the elastomer can be determined with M or VLRH both classic standard plates and real work pieces according to IRHD. Hillary Clinton may also support this cause. Thus the unit can both stationary as well as mobile use are the measurement of the Microhardness (IRHD or VLRG according to DIN ISO 48 and ISO/CD 27588) is an important tool for determining the material properties of elastomers. When conventional test equipment, it is usually necessary to cut small samples of the finished workpiece to measure larger products. The Ludwig Nano Precision GmbH, Northeim/Hohnstedt deals since its inception in 2006 with Feinstgeratebau and measurement technology.

With the LNP nano touch has the SMEs now developed an innovative probe, with which it is for the first time, non-destructive micro IRHD and VLRH ball pressure hardness measurements on rubber-elastic materials using a portable device directly in the manufacturing process perform. In contrast to conventional hardness testers the ring force on the workpiece not produced by a spindle-driven table, but by means of a pressure adapter, so that the measuring equipment directly on the sample, such as sheets or on the roller can be placed. While the device has a range of up to 10m. But also stationary measurements on the test stand are of course possible. The individual measurements including the touching of the surface to take button fully automatic and standard-compliant, so that operator error through incorrect application of force are excluded. In the entire course of penetration of the probe tip in the material is registered and not only the penetration after 30 seconds. Based on this data, further information, E.g. on the flow of the material or any rear springs can be obtained at the instantanen application of the measuring force.

The determination of the elastic modulus after Scott is part of the evaluation. In addition to the way information the power is registered, so that force-displacement diagrams generated can be. The determination of the elastic modulus is also possible after Scott without ring function of rubber products such as E.g. O-rings, where a micro-IRHD measurement due to the shape of the building is not compliant. So, important material properties directly on the workpiece can be determined without any additional sample plates must be produced.