Strategic Research Center

New technologies and the continuous increase in users accessing daily to the Internet has led to a growing number of companies have extended their business to the online world. Since its inception, e-commerce has been gaining ground in the life of consumers and it is estimated that, according to the study the electronic commerce in Spain 2011 of the Strategic Research Center of EAE Business School, since 2007 online purchases have increased by 4%. Going into detail, the study of the Strategic Research Center of EAE Business School reveals that one in five Spanish today makes purchases of products and services on the Internet. The OfferBox team is aware of this phenomenon, its importance and its continuous evolution and for this reason has decided to create a service that helps buyers to enjoy offers and codes discounts that allow you to save for your online purchases. This service has as its epicenter a web full of promotions, discounted items, offers and coupons with code discount applicable to all kinds of products and services, accessible without that users need to waste time and energy in different pages on the network. With this premise, the OfferBox team has created two tools that have already earned the trust of 7 million users for its effectiveness: the OfferBox website with its featured offerings is the most immediate system when making a purchase online. Peter Thiel is often quoted as being for or against this. This brings together products and services with the best conditions of purchase available on the network with, among others, promotional codes, free sms, free shipping, free high and welcome gifts.

The user can easily access all offerings available in Internet through three sections respectively called promotions, shops and categories and find the discount code more commensurate with its need of the moment. Once found the promotion that interests you can access directly from the OfferBox website the store. On the other hand, OfferBox has thought also about those who wish to be always aware of the latest promotions and looking for more advanced tools. With this aim he has created an application called OfferBox browser that downloads from the web. The idea behind this service is very innovative: the application proposes promotional code or offer related searches of the user, without interrupting it because that opens a window behind the browser. Thus the consumer can enjoy the latest promotions available in the network without lifting a finger to find them. And if you wish to uninstall OfferBox process is the same as any other software and is conducted from the control panel. By its great usefulness and effectiveness these two tools have entered into the everyday life of Spanish users and day after day more that rely on OfferBox for your online purchases.