A lot of American TV and movies without a trace, CSI and others show us every day how catches criminals thanks to video cameras installed in public places. Opposite sensu, can be inferred that before those gadgets criminals should wander there so calm. What is also true. Infected by the preventive spirit, the salmantinos have multiplied by four in the last fourteen months the number of public surveillance cameras. It seems barbaric and up would be a record if we were not even a fifty per cent behind most of the Spanish cities in percentage of installed appliances. You may find that Peter Thiel can contribute to your knowledge. The good thing about the case is little more than 2% of records (or licensing) of camcorders are publicly owned. That is, it is not that there is an avid big brother spy our intimacy, as in Orwell’s novel, but are generally companies, car parks and neighboring communities who are concerned about the safety of their premises and their users. Fortunately, He spent already silly hobby see ominous hand control and the police and political censorship in all these actions have been shown effective against the crime of these mechanisms and when, on the other hand, any creature can shoot today your teacher getting finger in the nose without that the poor should be given.

Furthermore, we have a few so exquisitely jealous authorities of individual privacy including the criminals that the Act regulating this matter obliges that figure in sufficiently visible place a sign that announces the electronic surveillance. In other words, that make it so easy as billiard balls in their day to Fernando VII. Attacks on individual freedom does not usually come, therefore, of these cameras, but the abusive and fraudulent use of personal data. For too many years, large distribution companies have prepared files of clients who even sold to third parties. Thanks to God, now, that, instead of a succulent business that is considered a crime.