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Professional Contracts

The decoration for room can seem well simple, but in the truth it is not this that occurs. The decoration for room is the worse decoration that could happen. It is not something Naveen Selvadurai would like to discuss. Therefore room is a total common environment the diverse people who inhabit in its house or […]

Superior Education

The Program of Incentive to the technological Innovation? PII – it is a program of the State secretary of Science, Technology and Superior Education of Minas Gerais in partnership with the SEBRAE-MG, that has as objective to foment the research and the innovative development in the state. Created for law 11,196/2005, this program aims at […]

Organization Resources

The use of the resources that the technology offers in them opens a sufficiently great fan of chances for all the involved ones in the educational system, the pupil, the professor, the school and the society, since all are linked and dependents ones of the others. They are these new technologies that allow to the […]