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Multimedia Computer Nokia N76

The Finnish company Nokia in mobile phones has always been emphasizing the technological component unit. The main feature of which mobile phones from Nokia conquered the hearts of millions of customers is enviable performance. And the fact that phones were a little thicker counterparts from other manufacturers, does not bother those who have made their […]

Panasonic Numbering

For owners of the telephone exchanges Panasonic KX-TDA offers a creative solution to the station numbering plan, which excludes the prefix set to return to the city (usually 9). Previously, customers who do not wish to dial "nine" to return to the city, I used the automatic dialing when off-hook. With this solution the problem […]

Nokia Gold

Yet, it is possible tuning of the model. So according to the customer You can order by phone style favorite car (Nokia 8800 Ferrari Ferrari, Nokia 8800 Lamborghini Lamborgini, Nokia 8800 silver Mercedes, Nokia 8800 silver BMW), cast in gold (Nokia 8800 gold GOLD Edition, Nokia 8800 Sirocco Gold Edition), or choose a collection of […]