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Author Ryen Kim

Otherwise, please continue reading. First, I want to say this, "NO BLOG unless you know what you're going to blog!" Therefore, I do not mean only conclusion of his blog. Prior to his blog, I sit back on your keyboard, take time to meet the following three questions: 1. On what subject I write? Many […]


The idea is to publish what you think in the way of thinking. Instantaneity For some writers, including writing for a weekly magazine may seem like taking ages to print. With a weblog, you hit the send key and out. Interactivity is a failure to receive comments from people who have taken interest to read […]

Mexican SMEs On The Web

Perhaps many owners of micro, small and medium enterprises in Mexico think they have nothing to do on the Internet. They also mistakenly believe that a website is a luxury or advertising tool that should have because it is a more marked fashion. This undoubtedly is a lie. technology investor is full of insight into […]

What Is The Best Software For Your Mechanical Workshop

We know that purchasing software for managing your garage is not an easy decision. Especially the lack of a benchmark for comparison, the closest are the administrative and accounting programs, but so far had no proprietary software options garages for SME management and Spanish. When it comes to buying a good machine shop software must […]

Technology And Competitiveness

Success is often achieved by those who do not know that failure is inevitable. Gabrielle Coco Chanel a economic openings have emerged on the basis of the need to give way to marketing, trade in products which benefit the countries involved. Of course, to do, have developed a technology that has generated products and services […]


A lot of American TV and movies without a trace, CSI and others show us every day how catches criminals thanks to video cameras installed in public places. Opposite sensu, can be inferred that before those gadgets criminals should wander there so calm. What is also true. Infected by the preventive spirit, the salmantinos have […]

The Cocktail Analysis

The future establishment of enterprise dynamic social networks, according to consultants like Gartner, and The Cocktail Analysis, is almost a fact. He is considered that you by 2015, approximately 25% of the companies rely improving your effectiveness and productivity in the analysis of social networks the mails will be replaced by 20% by social networks […]