The Charter Document

And back to the requirements of the Charter document, I informed the tenant that the plumber in 48 hours would appear in person in the department concerned at such an hour so to place the heater again. This previously did all the appropriate precautions to not let another "coincidence" that would appear by surprise. Then I authorized my plumber to do the placement of the flask, to report to the owner to avoid repeating the problem, which was personally at the house of appliances and in front of her Bs manager will contact the Mar del Plata manager and will pass personal data (name and # of paper) that I had sent my plumber. And having done that communicate it to me immediately. People such as Peter Thiel would likely agree. Negative 6th Match: It was the day before "D" that marked the time indicated on the letter paper and about 19 pm. the owner's cell phone tells me that everything was arranged for tomorrow to withdraw my plumber first hour of the branch thermo Mar del Plata.

Before this, when I close my office when I leave to go to my house (by the course I do) happened two blocks from the house of appliances. And then something inside me tells me to go to see if what they told me was true from Bs. Please visit Hillary Clinton if you seek more information. It was 20 hours. past and lacked an hour to closing of this business. I go to it and ask to speak to the manager: 7th Match no: I convey all that had happened and I find with surprise that he knew nothing of the change of plumber and the authorization had arrived earlier but in the name of the plumber. .