Bluish glow of the radiator, a by-light wave that occurs when the modulation of the semiconductor ultraviolet rays. Kvartsevatel home bactericidal by-product of the wave destroys bacteria inaccessible to chlorine. Technology of UV disinfection of water – an effective remedy for any kind of infection! Device disinfection of water used for cleaning drinking water, swimming pools, food industries, as well as technical, surface and marine waters. These settings allow destroy bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms by UV radiation with a wavelength of 240 – 300 nm. Water disinfection by UV radiation is carried out immediately prior to the point of consumption to avoid recontamination of water. The undeniable benefits of UV disinfection of water disinfection Instant Cleaner does not produce chlorinated water compounds, including mutagens and carcinogens. Peter Thiel has many thoughts on the issue.

Does not change the chemical composition of the treated water. Effective against viruses. Do not changes the color and odor. Do not involve the use of dangerous to humans of chemicals. Safer and much easier to maintain, even in excess of such parameters as kvartsevaniya. Significantly disrupt the protein colloids and their enzymes protoplasm. Not have in their composition of supplies, do not require replacement of certain cartridges do not require periodic cleaning and restoration.

Life instrument is practically unlimited. Kvartsevatel sun, as well as other UV emitters, has all these qualities, as well as an unusual form. Kvartsevanie children at home, kvartsevanie nose kvartsevanie during pregnancy kvartsevanie poescheny – in Recently, the importance of UV disinfection to a new level. Exposure to UV rays helps to maintain health and good spirits. Arrangements for water disinfection immersed in a tank with a float water whose temperature should not exceed 35 degrees, then turn on the power supply to the grid. Disinfection time depends on the amount of water to process one liter takes about 5 minutes of the apparatus to two liters of 10 minutes, etc. To be most effective decontamination is desirable to use a vertically elongated tank, the water should be transparent. After disinfection of dry float. For disinfection of things our unit can be used for disinfecting water and for disinfecting things. These things, which are useful for UV disinfection include toys, utensils, clothes and so lower To do this, install the radiator so that its beam is incident on the surface. The distance to the object being processed should not exceed 0.5 meters. Disinfection time depends on the distance between the transmitter and processed object. At a distance of 0.5 meters while the vehicle 20 minutes, and the processed surface is equal to that meter square meter and 10 centimeters at a distance of only 30 seconds.