Variety Window

A modern wooden windows are still elements that create a microclimate in the premises of the house. With new technologies, materials and designs of windows you can adjust the temperature, air quality, reduce noise in the room. Classify the current window is difficult – so great is their diversity. But, nevertheless, they can be divided by used for the manufacture of window units materials: the wooden, plastic, metal, plastic, metal and composite. By type of window glazing are divided: for single or double glazed flat glass and double glazing. The shape of the windows are rectangular, arch, lancet (a tribute to Gothic style) and round. And depending on how the opening of shutters windows are divided into several types.

Leaf, whose windows are attached to the hinge side of the wings – this is the usual design window. Y hinged window sash is rotated around the y-axis lower bound of the frame. This type of window is suitable for ventilation, as the open top of the window and cold air is not blowing on the floor. There are still turning a window in which wing was rotated around its vertical axis, and sliding windows. If you build your own house, the shape of windows should match your chosen architectural style.

If you like classic style, windows Your home is likely to be rectangular or arched. Gothic arched, narrow and tall windows will be a unique home decoration in the style of a medieval castle, but the round window in the kitchen will be appropriate in the style of 'country'. Options houses in modern high style tend to have large area of glazing of windows, sliding doors, winter sadov using plastic and metal. Consider the advantages and disadvantages of window designs and materials making up the frame. From the windows have wooden frames, lives the vast majority of the population.