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New Online Shop

This online shop gives the word a new meaning to gadgets. Mega gadgets is active in the Netherlands for 5 years and now is spreading to Germany. There are thousands of online shops and yet Megagadegts is different. The first time that someone hears the name mega gadgets, traffic thought comes up: “…Gadgets are interactive […]


Locate just a phone number or address if you sit at the computer, notebook, or NetBook, is the best online on. Eat, Windows 02 December 2009 has brought its new operating system Windows 7 on the market and already provide users in forums and communities the question with which I can spice up the new […]

Course Travel Profession

Part-time qualification connect with holiday feeling: BSA course trip to Mallorca a certified and approved qualifications with holiday feeling on Mallorca connect: allows the BSA-Akademie in part of a week-long training trip on the sunny island of Mallorca (15-22 September 2013). Participants will learn in the unique ambience of a 4 * Sport Hotel with […]

Chamber Company

Apprenticeships are usually dual created in Germany there are nearly 350 officially recognised training occupations. Most training courses are dual. As a trainee (student), you attended a vocational school and also learns in a company. Later studies request – many school leavers opt for vocational training, which has to do with the desired subject and […]

Business Sales

Broad portfolio for sales training company: AchieveGlobal as partner for training of staff in the sales companies that consider sales training as a factor of development, see AchieveGlobal the right partner for the training of its salespeople. With an important advantage: The bandwidth of the portfolio for sales training. Because training topics of AchieveGlobal depict […]