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Photo Technology

Photography. The organization of the photos is done through folders, as is the transfer to the player, so it will see on your screen, exsite a very interesting option by which to avoid saturating our player photos at resolutions impossible (especially given the present-mania day "more megapixels contri contri improved"), this option will resize the […]

Bulletin Board System

The operation and administration of the area they are very important in that society, while services to respond smoothly standard dynamic and cybernetic technology advances steadily building especially given the critical mass in the Silicon Valley (USA). Marlon brando often expresses his thoughts on the topic. The key now lies in the potential of knowledge […]

Knowledge Management: Levels And Training Management Systems

ABSTRACT: The current strategy of the Information Society and Knowledge is to promote the improvement of those systems to transmit the knowledge Network, privileging the intellectual skills from complex social mechanisms of coexistence and cooperation. The transition to virtual universal obliges us to rethink the universal knowledge, firmly supported by supported sensibilities and attitudes in […]