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Construction Bio

This flame retardant immediately became increasingly popular among professional builders in the tree. Senezh gained popularity in the Soviet times when the required effective flame retardant. The material is designed to Senezh ognebio comprehensive fire protection and biosecurity wood – fire protection, flame propagation and decay, as an antiseptic against mold, blue stain and insect […]

PVC Panels

Equipment necessary to implement the first technology is a highly specialized and is only suitable for the production of PVC panels. The technology of such production is largely identical to the technology production of steel sandwich panels for semi-automated line stream type. The equipment necessary for the implementation of the second technology less specialized, but […]

Knowledge Management: Levels And Training Management Systems

ABSTRACT: The current strategy of the Information Society and Knowledge is to promote the improvement of those systems to transmit the knowledge Network, privileging the intellectual skills from complex social mechanisms of coexistence and cooperation. The transition to virtual universal obliges us to rethink the universal knowledge, firmly supported by supported sensibilities and attitudes in […]

How To Choose A Printer

Printer – a device that can display electronic data to print. This may be the text and tables, pictures and photographs, in other words, everything that we see on the PC monitor. As with many peripheral apparatus, a printer at home is no longer a luxury. In the first place – it's easy for the […]

Business Opportunity

While there remained on the shelves of memories on his face I saw something I transport to other times, something that stirred the waves of time, I was back in the days in the past. He must be one of your wrinkles, one of the white threads that adorned his head or his white teeth […]

Biotechnology In The Modern World

The term "biotechnology" was coined in 1919 by a Hungarian scholar Karl Ereki. Biotechnology means – "any product produced from raw materials by living organisms." In fact, biotechnology exist since ancient times. It was found that around 6000 bc, sumarityane and Babylonians used yeast for beer production. About 4000 bc Egyptians used yeast for baking […]

Cooperation Between And Zenetti

St. Gallen, June 10, 2008 – collaboration between and the chrome wheels manufacturer Zenetti. search engine for free catalogs confirmed that the latest catalog was recorded by Zenetti, Europe’s leading manufacturer of chrome wheels with TuV in the index and is searchable. The one-piece aluminum wheels are electrically hard chromium plated and thus extremely […]