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The Largest Volcano In Europe

Most of our planet's population knows of the existence of the volcano Vesuvius, which owes its popularity is very powerful and tragic eruption, when lava was buried under a city – Pompeii. However, not everyone knows about "Neighbor" Vesuvius, who lives in the same Italy, Sicily, and moreover, is also still in place, unlike its […]

August Interesting

On the way to a beautiful stretch dolmens camomile field, which also will leave an unforgettable impression. In the village Praskoveevka Gelendzhik area is another natural landmark. This rock Sail. It is interesting because it is located in the sea and has an interesting shape and really resembles a sail. Photo of Sail mandatory item […]

Future Offer

Reuselhoeve offers new interactive climbing experience for young and old. Traditionally managed outdoor amusement parks are under pressure. Anyone who keeps the market in mind, has recognized the trend that operator of modern commercial outdoor sport and leisure facilities today use on a new generation of activities and team building programs. Family entertainment center (FEC) […]


Living the Dolomites at the most beautiful Val Gardena winter starts early! If the nature has shaken off her colorful dress and soft rays of the Sun in the Valley light dolomite from the bright cavone, then the stunning landscape around St. Ulrich/Ortisei, Santa Cristina and Selva Gardena undergoes a magical transformation: snow-covered landscape and […]

Ten Rules Of Happy Travels

When traveling to different countries not only want to examine a number of well-known attractions, and then brag about friends by showing photos of "I'm against this," "I am against the background", but also to feel the atmosphere country, the rhythm of life, to merge in time with this new world. To get the most […]