Ten Rules Of Happy Travels

When traveling to different countries not only want to examine a number of well-known attractions, and then brag about friends by showing photos of "I'm against this," "I am against the background", but also to feel the atmosphere country, the rhythm of life, to merge in time with this new world. To get the most impressions of the trip, try to follow 10 simple rules: Find out in advance as possible about the location where the go. What Sights to see? Perhaps the place was marked by some important historical events? When you do not know where to look, you can just pass by without noticing anything. A place to decide the fate of the era, taken as a plain Cocoa bridge … Going on the road, buy a good guidebook. In the journey he will definitely come in handy. Of course, if you leave does not equal lying seal on the beach.

One of the best guides is a series of Lonely Planet ', though in Russian these publications do not. Tune in for the trip. Take a plane / train / etc book, which takes place in places where you go on a journey. Watch the movie about these places. Breathe scent of the country. Because flavor of each country is unique – whether it is a mixture of flavors of coffee and pizza, filled the streets of Italy or tropical, spicy air of Southeast Asia.

Feel the taste of the country. Try less to eat in tourist reservations, where all tastes are averaged, simplified and Europeanized. Try the traditional dishes of the country, preferring the places where love is the local residents. This is a sure sign of quality! Listen to the country. Each has its own unique sound: melodic language, national musical motifs, the noise of the streets …. Watch! All around you can find lots of interesting things. Look for new roads for their travel! Not afraid to turn off the trail, the beaten tourists from around the world. And this is not necessary to climb alone in the jungle – there are many other less extreme places, but no less interesting. Choose for yourself independent travel without travel agencies. In exchange for accepted responsibility for his journey, you get freedom of choice in every moment of the path. If something is not quite the way you planned – so instead you will find something even better. Interest you travel to an unforgettable experience!