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Even the cravings on a pizza will be satisfied by the underwater delivery service after a short phone call. The double in the underwater hotel is there for converted approximately 475 euros per night. JulesUnderseLodge the dream of every boy is true where previously dirty loud machines worked, now a very special hotel, it is […]

Reto Jaeggi

With Enomic calculation as calculation tool Entris got a scalable and flexible customizable pricing tool”, so j. The calculation of products, projects and costs has become easier and more precise.” MS Excel was very error-prone and in everyday unworkable in the past including the rebates to customers and the combinations of the over 500 service […]

Colorful Widescreen Wallpaper

Widescreen wallpapers in the view of many users – it's just a pretty picture and nothing more. Is it really? We think not. Imagine the following situation: in the office Head-known and large company under discussion of an important partnership agreement. Person includes a laptop, to clarify the required data, and his on-screen display appears […]