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La Paz Farmers

Of another one side, approaching apparently the exposition that it advocates that the rounds farmers have and exert of total way jurisdictional functions, in the Law of Rounds Farmers is contemplated that these have ” functions relative to communal La Paz within its scope terrritorial” (Art. 1). This last aspect is developed by the same […]

Reflective Consciousness

They will agree to both the role of the team and with staff members. It is essential that these three or four races of the equipment are defined by the very people who make it up, not imposed from management. It is also important, along with definition of these powers, the team set its own […]

After A Farewell

One of the saddest parts of daily life are the goodbyes. Farewells are often sad and others happy, but all have their moments of just listening to the wind that at times of farewells, the words are useless. All fired in moments of joy tears came at a time like goodbyes, tears spring also sad. […]

Marketing Manager

Mexico, D.F., March 01,, the site of job search and development career online, announced today the implementation of a new application for Facebook users, allowing professionals to find employment opportunities, without leaving your profile in the social network. Starting this month, offers job seekers or develop your career, the possibility of keeping up […]