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The Classroom

The fact is that, expressive and significant changes follow the current days and in the same way? independently of the social classroom – superior education gained forces how much to the growth and demand for courses in superior level. Of 1960 until the current days, superior education in Brazil counted on significant changes, as much […]

Google Earth

For example, the area of Arctic sea ice has decreased below the low recorded in 2005, and is close to an absolute record for the satellite observations, established in 2007. At least 2005, when the ice area was reduced to 5.32 million square kilometers, was observed on September 21. The absolute record set in 2007, […]


The structuralized called toys are not those that not being industrialized, are simple objects as woods or rocks, that at the hands of the children acquire new meaning, thus passing to be a toy. The rock if transforms into comidinha and the wood if it transforms into pony. Therefore, we saw that the toys can […]

Brazilian Education

The same art. 26 say that: In basic and average the educational establishments, official and particular, one becomes obligator education on History and culture Afro-Brazilian. 1 the content programmarian the one that if relates the caption of this article will include the study of the History of Africa and the Africans, the fight of the […]

Latin America

Finishing we cite Foucault that affirms the educative act it is an act politician. In such a way, all act politician presents a pedagogical act, that is the act politician, the form to lead, to govern, has a pedagogical social construction that if develop through the organizations of the state of each government, therefore, the […]

Translator Second Diploma

More and more professionals in our country receive the second higher education. It's interesting, prestigious and promising career. In this paper we consider the question of whether need a second diploma of higher education such specialist as a translator. At first glance, the translator would be useful, for example, a law degree or an economist, […]

The Ward

Many courses for preschool age children focus on learning the alphabet, poems and songs, or simply learns the words. But such an approach in fundamentally wrong. It is necessary that the child not only learn the words like a robot, but also knew how to apply them in different situations. You just need a tongue […]

Research Objectives

There has also been a change in the teacher, who is required not only impart knowledge but to teach learning to learn. In recent years we have implemented several educational reforms, the LOGSE, LOCE, the LOE, educational reforms with changes in structure, curriculum, assessment criteria, etc. Teachers daily lives of the students lack of motivation, […]

The Art

For competent project organization, implementation and construction of new, innovative models and technology practitioners have the necessary scientific quality of thinking (analytic logic, dialectics, the breadth of vision of the possible consequences in dealing with existing problems) and as a consequence of research experience. Which requires the ability to quick orientation in the flow of […]

The Child

From a democratic option, it longs for to rescue the true social paper of the school and of the professor, this it estimates changes, either in the professional field, since, perpassa for the formation questions, remuneration and consequently valuation as well as, institucional that it includes number of pupils, adequate space and material satisfactory didactic. […]