Research Objectives

There has also been a change in the teacher, who is required not only impart knowledge but to teach learning to learn. In recent years we have implemented several educational reforms, the LOGSE, LOCE, the LOE, educational reforms with changes in structure, curriculum, assessment criteria, etc. Teachers daily lives of the students lack of motivation, lack of discipline, the behavior of the known objectors school distorting the development of coexistence in the classroom, the lack of families, lack of promotion of teachers, apathy and the long period of time spent by management in solving problems, etc. All of these situations, along with the new way of life have resulted in many teachers sometimes distressing situations that gave rise to disease. These changes have resulted in changes in many professional education leading to stress and diseases that cause disease. This research has analyzed the causes, we studied the most influential teachers in the Autonomous Community of Murcia and proposed strategies for coping with stress.

Research Objectives This research has as main objectives: 1U know the causes of stress in the faculty of the Community of Murcia, enumerate and verify the most recurrent. Check 2U knowledge of strategies to prevent stress that teachers possess that Community. They have achieved all Content objectives definitory tion yQue stress Work stress is job stress teaching? Studies on teacher stress yComo these stressors affect the teacher? Stress and disease everyday problems of teachers in the classroom actions of prevention against stress Definition of stress coping of stress inoculation training in coping measures for positive stress burnout syndrome burnout prevention strategies have been taken to eliminate or prevent stress and 1 .- Relaxation and breathing control.