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European Union

To day of today all we are conscious that obtaining quality products, it is necessary to invest developing and innovation with the purpose of to give to major impulse to the technology and to take advantage of all the infinite advantages that report. In fact, indeed from the European Union one is urging to the […]

House Logs

1. Wooden House, House, Beam home, wooden bath, wooden cottage (out of a bar, a log house, log otsilindrovanogo, square and D-shaped timber) – always have clean air, the humidity in the building is maintained at an optimum level regardless of external conditions, which ensures a comfortable stay. 2. Within the walls of wooden houses, […]

Resource Locator

It loads information adds, as for example, if the messages to have processed for one to be determined intermediate knot. When used header he must be the first element of the envelope.? Body: this element is obligator and contains playload, or information to be carried to its final destination, can contain one definitive optional element […]