House Logs

1. Wooden House, House, Beam home, wooden bath, wooden cottage (out of a bar, a log house, log otsilindrovanogo, square and D-shaped timber) – always have clean air, the humidity in the building is maintained at an optimum level regardless of external conditions, which ensures a comfortable stay. 2. Within the walls of wooden houses, wooden baths, wooden arbors made of logs, square and D-shaped timber, which we used in the construction of our facilities are of resin and volatile, having a positive impact on living in them. 3.

A beautiful, light wood has a positive effect on mood. 4. Low thermal conductivity – the indisputable advantage of the tree. The lower the thermal conductivity of the material from which the house is built, so it is warmer. The superiority of wooden beam over a brick of thermal insulation properties, it is obvious – the wall of logs is equivalent to 200 mm thick brick wall of 1100 mm (four bricks). In addition, the timber walls can withstand an unlimited number of cycles of freezing and thawing, but because life at home from tree can exceed 100 years. 5.

The presence of heat in the walls of the castle of wooden houses, built of round logs, square and D-shaped bar, lets not make additional warming of the wooden house, as blowing ratio will always be several times lower than that of the walls of houses made of brick. 6. The minimum time the assembly building (wooden house, wooden baths, wooden pergolas, wooden arbours) – ready set of precast home is a designer, from which in a few weeks, you can easily build a wooden house 'turnkey', in accordance with the accompanying drawings. 7. Wooden houses are very resistant to earthquakes and hurricanes. Fire safety can be guaranteed harmless fireproof impregnation. 8. Wood is also in this building material, which does not pollute and does not interfere with nature to date. So wooden house, wooden bath, cottage, garden furniture are environmentally friendly structure. 9. Wood is able to breathe, and this property allows it as a modern computer, to maintain the optimum temperature and level humidity. Heat flow from the room rushes outside and passes through a log. Thus, while it is cooling to the outer layers of logs, steam and carbon dioxide are directed perpendicular to the annual rings logs. As a result, moisture and harmful substances come from the ends of logs, the wall does not accumulate moisture. It is thanks to such property, in homes of log kept constant oxygen balance and optimal humidity. 10. Wooden bath, made of pine, sauna, finished alder or basswood, have a special spirit and healing effects. Tar-bitter spirit relaxes, rejuvenates and tones skin, improves immunity, contributes to the rapid restoration of health after a week of work, exercise, illness and stress. Based on the above arguments can be summarized that: The house made of wood – a healthy indoor climate, natural natural beauty and comfort. Minimal heat loss (saving money!), Fire safety, life a century, and most importantly – your health, your children and grandchildren.