Resource Locator

It loads information adds, as for example, if the messages to have processed for one to be determined intermediate knot. When used header he must be the first element of the envelope.? Body: this element is obligator and contains playload, or information to be carried to its final destination, can contain one definitive optional element Fault, used to load messages of status and errors returned for ' ' ns' ' when processing the message. 1.2. Use of SOAP with Web Services. Communication SOAP and Web Services are made between applications that share the services of the serving side such as PHP, Java, AspNet, C++ etc. through exchange of messages encapsulated in XML, so that this communication is possible uses an archive WSDL that contains the descriptions of the services, types of necessary data for solicitation, address of localization of the entity that give the services, this entity encapsulates the data in XML defined for the characteristic of archive WSDL and sends to the server. It observes the information of Picture 2. A shipper desires to send a recognized message to an only receiver, for example, to send the prices of the products brought up to date to each week for its customer.

Picture 2 Project of a message SOAP. Shirt 34.5 To effect the call of the PrecoUpdate function, the necessary WSDL to be located that is to get its address URI (Uniform Resource Locator), to be registered and published in a directory of Web Service, also known with UDDI. Gotten archives WSDL and the URI of the service, desenvolvedor will be able to create a software that will make a call to the service saw WSDL, the service web will receive a request in format XML and will effect its processing and thus it will get a reply in format XML, depending on the requested service.