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Brazil: Communist Party

The UJS has great contribution in the formation of my conscience politics and my character. ‘ ‘ Practically, the Communists are, therefore, the sector more resoluto of the laboring parties of all the countries, have on the remaining portion of the proletariat the advantage of a clear understanding of the conditions, the march and the […]

Philosophical Research

He is a honest, careful man, curious persistent. It believes that the causes produce effect. He does not appeal to another magical seno the patient inquiry, an enthusiasm without limits, a spirit without preconceptions and a notion extraordinary formulated of the mritos and capacities of plantas&#039 well; '. To this point its bigrafos agree entirely. […]

Alston Train

Monterrey, N.L., Mexico. – After the privatization of National Railroads of Mexico in 1997 that even could cost the life to him to the leader Praxedis Fraustro Esquivel in 1993 the trains of passengers disappeared in a forceful backward movement in that sector. While the countries of first world bet to the quick trains, like […]