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Adwords Qualified Professional

Robert Thone supported since January 2013 as senior affiliate manager the Swiss team of online marketing agency metapeople GmbH. Senior Affiliate Manager is Robert Thone his many years of experience as a senior, he gained Affiliate Manager in the sectors of finance, Telco and Web to print, for metapeople Zurich introduce. As a specialist for […]

Google AdWords Webinar To Enhance Campaigns Using Google + Hangouts

Brunswick, may 2013 – conveniently from the desktop TILL.DE educate themselves is one the first Google AdWords certified trainer in German-speaking countries. In June, TILL.DE now starts with an innovative online seminar concept and new topics: Google AdWords seminars are conducted using Google + hangouts: the Google AdWords webinars. Google + hangouts is a browser-based […]

Online Store

I am dedicated to web design for a relatively short time, but I’ve already been able to create any store online and observe results. I am struck that people tend to focus on getting a quality store, get traffic and positioning; spending a paste in advertising especially in ads like those of the great (AdWords) […]

Search Engines: The Big Three At A Glance

There are many search engines in the German-speaking countries the major search engines under a magnifying glass. Among the most important are Google, Yahoo, Bing and While Google has a market share of about 90%, the second-largest provider, Bing, just make it to around 2.5%. and Yahoo come only on 1% market share. […]

Google AdWords Customers

Each project has its own unique challenges. Therefore, the practical implementation differs. For example, I recommend not every customer the same tools, but put different priorities about targeted after a thorough analysis Networking (XING & co.), a guest article strategy to build up reputation (blogs, online PR) or the use of multimedia formats (podcasts, YouTube), […]

Embedded Systems

Currently, the market microcontrollers is developing rapidly, thanks to the widespread introduction of microcontroller technology in control systems, as well as in many other areas are increasingly displacing the market system based on hard logic. Microcontrollers allow a minimum time to develop and produce electronic devices of almost any complexity. Currently on the market microcontrollers […]


The Family Guidance has experienced a shortage of studies on the family, the difficulties being experienced by the current family and social context variability subjecting the family to continually adjusted, new attitudes, new approaches, new ways to build their own experiences … The Family Guidance has experienced a shortage of studies on the family, the […]

Internet Adwords

But will an average potential customer actually search for this combination of words- or is this too much jargon? How does it off with terms such as “file sharing Attorney Berlin”? Perhaps is this Yes a better choice? I hope you understand what I’m talking about. The first step is to find the right word […]

Public Relations

The shop concept, the next step is to develop the Shopfitting”. What features are important for your products and your customers and what about your expertise and resources at the instigation of the shop? Technically-oriented customers functionality are important, with more older the ease of use and clarity and with younger female customers, for example, […]

An Opportunity For Your Online Store

Who doesn’t know the shopping cart drop-outs! But what do you do about it? The answer is as simple as it is ingenious: some customers have on your luck, the perfect article already have found the google remarketing is a function in the scope of google AdWords. It allows it to identify a particular visitor […]