Google AdWords Customers

Each project has its own unique challenges. Therefore, the practical implementation differs. For example, I recommend not every customer the same tools, but put different priorities about targeted after a thorough analysis Networking (XING & co.), a guest article strategy to build up reputation (blogs, online PR) or the use of multimedia formats (podcasts, YouTube), not to mention the search engines optimization, AdWords ads or very simple an attractive and user friendly website. The desire to do everything right”I’m quite allergic to, finally, there is no silver bullet. “Some customers think that we during the website programming by the way” her company could reinvent. Some do not even know what characteristics they have. Some don’t know their target audience or have no idea what needs to have their customers. As an another online marketing channel set as it, if not even fit the basics? Acquisition in the Web needs a plan and an individual strategy, therefore, a comprehensive analysis and conception is necessary at the beginning.

Klaus Wenderoth: some people can’t resist the quick, supposed success. Anyway: What measures discourage necessarily your customers. And: what the dangers? Thomas Kilian: we delude ourselves: quick and very inexpensive solutions can bring any lasting success. “Who buys for 99 Euro 1,000 fans on Facebook and then inactive zombie profiles” expected to sign new customers, social media marketing has not understood. The same applies to automatic contact requests, which see a potential victims of acquisition of in each XING profile.

“Also heard communications on the Internet into the hands of IT’ learning, trainees or interns, even if this particularly equipment AA” seem to be. Klaus Wenderoth: what do you Google AdWords for acquiring new customers? And what is a genuine alternative to this form of advertising? “Thomas Kilian: the advantage of AdWords is that it almost immediately” go. The campaigns and ads are furnished, the site receives requests from potential customers.