Search Engines: The Big Three At A Glance

There are many search engines in the German-speaking countries the major search engines under a magnifying glass. Among the most important are Google, Yahoo, Bing and While Google has a market share of about 90%, the second-largest provider, Bing, just make it to around 2.5%. and Yahoo come only on 1% market share. These numbers have changed constantly since the mid-1990s and the search engines have evolved in the direction of one or the other.

Here a small overview of the three major search engines around the world: Google, Yahoo and Bing. YAHOO! Yahoo is on the market since 1995 and was founded by two students of at Stanford University in the United States. Actually it was Yahoo! initially to a directory of the most popular websites of the two founders. Yahoo is an acronym for yet another hierarchical officious Oracle “.” The Web page directory was mapped and categorized and managed by installation in the Web browser Netscape, to ascend to one of the most visited websites worldwide. The purchase of several Search engines, including AltVista and Inktomi, Yahoo gained an increased market share. Main idea was to offer email account and calendar online and manage. The registration for customers was free of charge in the first time, because Yahoo’s main revenue source long time was the sale of banner ads.

More customers meant more valuable ads and ultimately higher revenue. Today, Yahoo offers remain free and paid web solutions and expanded on the HotJobs job market, the photo community Flickr and the B2B service its Internet services. Bing bing is a search engine, Microsoft’s first since 2009 at the start. Bing replaced the Microsoft Search service live search, and stood up to 2012 in Beta status. Bing has in German-speaking countries while only the second largest search engine next to Google represents but in the United States with approximately 25% market share a market share of 2.5%. Since 2009, Bing has incorporated some key features, so the geo data service Streetside launched, for example, end of 2011, for which with cameras equipped cars over several months long pictures and data collected. Google has a similar service called street view on offer. Bing collaborated as a search engine with Facebook and binds shopping across the bottom”the online community ciao! With one, on which members can evaluate products. Google Google is the most used search engine worldwide and since 1998 at the start. Since then appearance and mode of operation have changed little. Through Google’s advertising offers AdSense and AdWords, and of course because of the market share of over 90%, most companies in the German-speaking countries optimize their website on Google. “” Google’s success is reflected even in the Duden: In 2004, the verb was Googling “included in the Duden, meaning: search the Internet with Google”. Google’s founders also studied at Stanford University and developed a search engine based on back link analysis, BackRub mid-90s. in Google, the search engine was renamed in 1998 and has since increased its number of employees from eight to more than 50,000 employees. One is to be found in search engines own art, which is known as search engine optimization. The aim is to occupy permanently and therefore long-term top rankings in the search engine results.