Managing Director Carl

Small probe supports a gearbox flange holes and undercuts with hidden points quickly and accurately measure breuckmann scanner? This is has been no problem with the breuckmann 3D scanners, even if hidden geometries or holes only be achieved, if the site is changed several times. A small hand-held probe makes this task more comfortable now: the MI.Probe mini. She designed for measurements with the breuckmann stereoSCAN. Only 15 cm tall, felt all geometric intricacies and passes the data to the evaluation software. There are fewer set ups, the measurement is easier and faster. Mini for FM’s Managing Director Carl-Thomas Schneider, the MI.Probe is a great asset to the product range: we have with MI.Probe mini following the merger of FM and Breuckmann and stereoSCAN fused now also the technologies of both companies.

Thus we can offer also a probing solution for 3D scanner. This is a major step forward for our customers.” The MI.Probe mini based AICONs proven probe MI.Probe. Like this, also the MI.Probe mini is equipped with measuring points and will be automatically detected by the cameras. The operator can measure with great freedom of movement without cumbersome cables. The key tips can be exchanged easily depending on the measuring task and make even more accurate measurement. The MI.Probe mini can be ordered immediately either in the package with the stereoSCAN or as an addition to any existing stereoSCAN. 3D show the MI.Probe mini for the first time from December 3 to 6 at the EuroMold in Frankfurt am Main (Hall 8, stand C90) FM system and Breuckmann. About AICON and Breuckmann: The AICON 3D Systems GmbH is a leading supplier of optical camera based 3D measurement systems.

Founded in 1990, the company develops and distributes portable coordinate measuring machines for universal applications, and special optical measuring technology for vehicle safety and the pipe manufacturing. Since the acquisition of Breuckmann GmbH in August 2012, the product range includes optical 3D Measuring instruments for determining the area of objects. The world’s reference customers include well-known automobile manufacturers, their suppliers, the aviation industry, as well as companies from the fields of ship building and renewable energy.