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There is probably nothing easier than to equip the kitchen in a luxury wooden house with a large area. But with a little holiday houses all in another way: have to find a place to fit all. It is necessary to think carefully all the options. Calculate how many will take the most necessary things […]

The History Of Stained Glass

Production of stained glass as an art form known to mankind since 10 century BC. er. Originally, the stained patterns were only for windows, since there are no alternatives did not allow a method of fabrication. Algorithm for creating the old stained glass art was very time consuming and complicated: colored pieces of glass cut […]

Horizontal And Vertical Blinds

The world knows 2 kinds of blinds – horizontal and vertical. In addition, there are special shades, which in their functionality similar to Venetian blinds: roll-up blinds, Japanese curtains, which is what we rolled. With these curtains, art room will always be easier and more convenient, because the blinds easy to fold and can decorate […]